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Property Podcasts

There are numerous property podcasts that provide a range of information on property investment. Some of these podcasts can be a great resource for inspiration, education, and strategy within property investment. Thus, we have compiled a list of podcasts that add a tone of value to the viewer and can revolutionise your thinking.

The Property Couch

The property couch is a Podcast that provides a range of content for its viewers on their YouTube channel. Their channel is run by a Buyer’s agency called Empower wealth and mainly features its two founders Ben and Bryce. Both these guys have extensive knowledge of property investing share their experience within the property game. Their channel has numerous short videos which cover a range of topics within property investing to help inform investors. They also have a weekly podcast with which they talk with other real estate professionals and investors. This gives further insight into what happening within property. Their videos are a great resource for new investors trying to learn the ropes and avoid mistakes. If you are looking to hear from a range of people within the property and better educate yourself around property investing it is definitely worth checking their channel out.

Switzer Financial Group

Switzer financial is a financial services group that shares a range of information on its YouTube channel. This channel is finance-focused but also covers a range of property investment topics. They regularly have numerous professionals within the property industry join the channel to share their thoughts. By covering a range of topics it can help the viewer develop an understanding of what is happening in the market in numerous locations. Their financial discussions can be extremely informative and help educate viewers.

Property Investory

You may hear numerous stories of successful property investors but wonder how they achieved their success? Property Investory is a podcast that discusses the success of numerous property investors on how they went about achieving their success. The channels have numerous investors and property professionals share their stories. This is a great source of inspiration to hear everyday people achieving significant financial success within property. If you are looking for motivation or wanting to connect with like-minded people then check out Property Investory to find people who are smashing their goals within property

Smart Property Investment (SPI)

SPI is a property podcast that has numerous investors and property professionals discuss numerous aspects of property. Their regular podcast brings on investors to discuss their success and outline how they achieved their goals. They also regularly have real estate professionals on the channel to discuss the housing market and what is going on in particular markets. The podcast is for property enthusiasts who are wanting to keep updated with numerous aspects of property. Their website also provides a range of resources for property investors which could be of interest to you.

Spark Your Fire

Spark your fire is a podcast run by property investors who touch on financial independence, Crypto, finance, and of course property. They cover a range of topics within finance with a property focus. Their weekly podcast gives regular updates on the economy and property market. Each with a wealth of knowledge there is a lot of value that can be derived from this podcast for their listener. They will also have numerous guest speakers usually within the property space join from time to time to discuss anything property.

The Verdict

There are numerous Youtube channels and podcasts which provide exceptional value to the viewer. Depending on where the viewer is within their journey will dictate the value they derive from each of these channels. Though, each channel provides some form of value from education, inspiration to market updates which can be extremely beneficial for keeping Intune with the ever-changing property market. If you are looking for property information I would encourage you to check out the listed podcast.

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