Perth, WA

Client Brief

This particular client wanted to purchase their first property but was priced out of where they lived. They decided to engage us to assist them in not only their first purchase but also an inter-state buy. With a budget of 450k, this property has already proved to be a great buy. We were able to find an off-market property that needed a small cosmetic renovation. Once the renovation was done the client was in for sub 425k with many comparables around the 450k. That is an instant equity gain of 25k in a high-demand market that is continuing to soar further.

The numbers

  • Purchase price: $415,000
  • Purchase date: April 2022
  • Value today (9/21): 450,000
  • Capital growth: 35k in a matter of weeks.
  • Rental yield: 6%
  • Rent: $480 per week

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